How do I setup a COPRA server on my dailies machine?

To run the free COPRA onset server in your Wi-Fi or local network please follow these steps:
  • download, install and start the Docker environment
    (if you don’t want to register, the installer is also included in next step’s link):
  • download and unzip the COPRA-server-image to a drive / directory of your liking (ideally to the drive that you want to have your footage on):
  • start the server
    open a terminal, change to the folder with the COPRA-docker-image from above (for example “cd /Users/sara/Desktop/copra”).

    The server tries to set the following ports, please make sure that no other applications are using them:
      8765 - HTTP
      7654 - HTTPS - not working, but still configurable
      6543 - FTP
      30000-30009 - FTP Passive Mode
    If you want to change those ports please edit the hidden .env-file in the main folder (for example with "open -a TextEdit .env” directly in the Terminal / TextEdit).
    Important: to access your server with the current version COPRA app please change the HTTP-port to 80
    Now run the command “docker-compose up” in the Terminal.
    (this step takes a little bit longer the first time you run it as required data is being downloaded)

    At some point you should see something like the following in the terminal:
    copra4    | Database Updated/Installed.
    copra4    | Launching cron
    copra4    | Launching FTP Server
    copra4    | Launching apache
    copra4    | AH00558: httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message

  • access the Server (web browser)
    Now you should be able to reach the server by either typing in “localhost:8765” or your IP-address (for example in your web browser (default login is admin / admin).
    If you’ve changed the port 8765 to port 80 you can reach it simply via “localhost” or your IP-address.

  • access the Server (iPhone / iPad)
    To access your projects please create a non-admin user (for example a supervisor) and assign that user to a project or task. Go to the App Store, search for COPRA and install the free app. Open Setup / SERVER SETUP. Disable the cloud server and enter a new local server:
    host: your IP-address
    path: /
    Now login with the user data of the above created user (or any other, as long it’s not an admin).

  • General
    Please be aware that this way the server is running while you’re having the terminal window open - once you quit it, the server will also shut down. If you want to start it in the background please use “docker-compose up -d”.

    Other options are “docker-compose stop”, “docker-compose start” or "docker-compose restart” for maintaining the server.
    If you don’t need the server anymore use “docker-compose down”.
For easier administration with a proper GUI you can also use Kitematic, which comes as part of Docker.
After setting up the server you can create your own project(s) and users, here's a quick tutorial:
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